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Package transfer house price – Sai Gon Thanh Hung

Package transfer house price. If you are in an area in need of moving, just contact us immediately at 0934449479 – 0329349479 , all problems in moving your home will be solved by us in the fastest time.

We always appreciate the professional working style to serve customers,  Thanh Hung relocation service always has experienced staff, large human resources to keep customers waiting for long with modern equipment. , specialized cargo vehicles for packing and transporting are carried out quickly and promptly, saving time and cost for customers.

Package transfer house price

What is a relocation service?

Moving the house is very hard work for us.

When you need to move, you and your family may take care of it yourself, but it will take time and effort. The main reason for this is because you don’t have the tools and the manpower to do it as professionally as possible.

To be able to save time, costs and effortless to transport housing.

You need to hire a  reputable and quality package house transport company  to do the hard work.

How much is the package transfer price?

The affordable relocation service in Ho Chi Minh City always has a customer in-house survey team to determine the amount of furnishings and direct truck rental quotes.

But if customers are urgently needed and need specific price list as well as specific price, how to get the best option?

We always have the perfect solution for you.

You can refer to the price chuyển nhà thành hưng in the price list below.

Package transfer fee = truck rental fee + loading and unloading furniture + other moving expenses if any

1. Truck rental rates

Range of vehicle Opening price – the first 10km From 11th to 44th km From the 45th km Waiting time
500kg car VND 250,000 13,000 VND / Km VND 12,000 / Km VND 70,000 / Hour
750kg car VND 300,000 VND 14,000 / Km 13,000 VND / Km VND 70,000 / Hour
1.5 ton vehicle VND 400,000 VND 15,000 / Km 14,000 VND / Km VND 100,000 / Hour
1.9 ton vehicle VND 500,000 VND 20,000 / Km 17,000 VND / Km VND 120,000 / Hour
2 ton truck (6m2 long carton) VND 700,000 VND 30,000 / Km VND 19,000 / Km VND 200,000 / Hour

2. Other expenses (if any)

Other expenses (if any)
Carton (60x40x35 cm) VND 18,000 / Carton
PE film covering furniture Free
Air conditioning assembly Remove: VND 50,000 + Assemble: VND 100,000
Disassemble furniture Depending on the fixtures and quantities
Loading and unloading staircase furniture Depending on the number of furniture and the floor
Drag furniture into a small alley Depending on the amount of furniture and the alley distance
Pull furniture into the apartment bunker Depending on the amount of furniture and tunnel distance

3. Loading and unloading fee

Range of vehicle Loading and unloading fee 2 ends
500KG vehicle VND 200,000 / vehicle
Car 750KG VND 200,000 / vehicle
1.5 ton vehicle VND 400,000 / vehicle
1.9 ton vehicle VND 600,000 / vehicle
2 Ton Truck (6m Length) VND 800,000 / vehicle

Change the package home to manic

In the current market, there are many companies moving services package.

Therefore, the price on the market always has fierce competition.

So the price list we offer for this service is very reasonable, suitable for the budget of most objects from students to working people.

In addition, the cost of service depends on the customer’s request, if merely moving furniture, the price will be lower than the package loading, unloading and arranging furniture to a new location.

In this article we have given a reasonable package transfer price list.

Introducing the all-in-one transfer package. At the same time, it will answer questions when renting a relocation service.

Here is a summary of information from Saigon Thanh Hung Co., Ltd.

Sai Gon Thanh Hung Company provides moving service

One of the most prominent names in the field of providing professional truck rental services today.

Serving customers anytime, anywhere, anytime, fast and very enthusiastic.

To serve customers moving goods,  moving Thanh Hung  and many other transportation needs.

We offer a wide range of benefits, advantages and affordable prices.

Currently the demand for cargo trucks is increasing.

Using a car rental is extremely beneficial and cost effective.

Business owners or any individual needs a truck rental service to serve cargo operations.

In parallel with the provision of truck rental services to the West provinces.

We also support customers in every aspect of their lives.

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