Delicious snacks hard to resist in Saigon

Roll is a light snack made from fresh ingredients such as shrimp, meat, melons, onions, green mangoes, pancakes. The food is very frugal, low-fat, round. You can enjoy this book in many places with reasonable prices.

Beef jerky salad is popular among young Saigonese, this is an indispensable snack. This salad is made from dried beef, green papaya, small peanuts, laksa leaves, basil, beef jerky, slightly sweet and sour broth. After having all the ingredients of the salad, you just pour the broth over and mix and enjoy. Price of dried beef salad is about 25,000 VND.

Saigon land is the birthplace of many delicious dishes in the region. A tea shop can sell up to dozens of different types of tea extremely rich like: Mien tea, coconut tea, grapefruit tea, thai tea … Eating tea in Saigon, you can hardly forget the sweet sweetness under the sun. hot summer day. The price of a cup of tea varies from VND 10,000 to 30,000.

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